Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Confessions.

To follow along and because I am brain dead...
 1. I am totally jealous of people that work from home or don't have to work at all because their spouse or significant other makes enough money to support them.
2. I am a salt-FREAK. I add salt to everything...even Chinese food. Yack. I know it's bad, but I literally am addicted.
3. I cannot watch movies at night. I fall straight to sleep.
4. I bite my fingernails when I am angry or aggravated.
5. I will wear Maxi dresses or long skirts everyday, so I don't have to shave. I HATE shaving.
6. I am a bank account addict. I check it a thousand times a day even though I know nothing is going through. I think I have a fear that my bank information is going to be stolen and the account drained of funds. Who knows?
7. I have a 'stache. I hate it and it's something I am so self-conscious about, but that's why they invented waxing, right?
8. I have gotten a Brazilian wax and will never, ever, ever, ever do it again. 
9. I have really teeny-tiny toe nails. Seriously, like baby toe nails and along with that small feet. I swear with my height I should wear a size 9. Alas, I will just have baby feet.
10.  I hate shorts. I don't like my legs therefore refuse to wear shorts. 

And because I think it's hilarious...I confess to wearing white socks to my knees and shorts to my boobs in 8th grade.


Wittschen's said...

ok I love this!! And Am going to totally steal this idea!! and by the way alot of your confessions would be my secrets also.. such as
#1, #3, #4...don't bite but pick at them!, #9!! Like tiny townails... the people at pedicure salons always have a HARD time!! lol and #10.. I'm so pasty white that I'm really self conscious!
we got lots in common! lol

Kristin said...

OMGOSH, love the socks!! I remember wearing them so high too! =) I hate shaving also...wait until you're pregnant, it becomes even more of a pain! =) Love this post idea!!!

LDC said...

i so remember your #2, #4 and #9! totally relate to #1, #5 and #7.
the socks...omg the other day kenny and i were at the football fields and a man walked by with three different high color socks that went to about his knees! so funny and i said to kenny, i used to wear high socks and he said, (hes from cali) i did too but not three at the same time!
love your post challenge so i am stealing it hope you dont mind!