Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Happenins'.

I really don't like Mondays. Do you feel me? It's like the worst day of the week, but at least we had a really relaxing weekend. We haven't had a relaxing weekend in um...I cannot tell you how long.

Friday night we went to celebrate a dear friend's 26th Birthday. My-oh-my is she a young buck! ZTejas is such a fabulous restaurant especially because they have Skinny Margaritas on the menu. Delish! We ended the dinner with a red velvet Hey Cupcake! Cupcake. If you ever visit Austin, you have to go to the Hey Cupcake! trailer on South Congress. My husband went to high school with the kid that started this place and in the end really started the cupcake craze.

Saturday we slept in and then had a short little was such an easy-peasy set up, so I didn't mind that two hours of my day were spent slingin' ice. We went home...I read...E slept...I slept...E hit golf balls in our bedroom. Saturday night we ate at Pappsito's. Delish! We are Mexican food freaks...I am pretty sure we could eat it everyday. I would love to, but I would be larger than a barn I am just as large as a small house.

Sunday was a half day for E and chore day for me. I don't mind that at all because I was inside and not in the blazing heat. Late afternoon we went to lounge by the pool and it was scorching and there was some guy talking about his coyote list of chicks he wanted to "bang." Yea, real WINNER there. E wanted to make dinner, so he made homemade pasta, meatballs and Sunday sauce. FABULOUS. I sat on the couch drank water from my mason jar, drank wine and read "Flat Out Love," which is a great book!

Meet Frankie. We don't own him, but he is a stray that lives on our street. He is really pretty, but can be a total turd. We give him water though, so hopefully I don't come home one day to him deceased on my door step.

It's now Monday and I wore my pretty nude wedges to make me happy! 
 (Totally ignore that my second toe is longer than my big toe. Jank)

Happy Monday!

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