Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Ramblings.

1. I am really tired.
2. I started to cry for no apparent reason or a large reason. PMS.
3. I wish a fairy would fly to Rita's and help my husband. His brother left the family business, doesn't help the family business and doesn't even call. Sad. BUT, my husband hasn't had a day off in months. That's even more sad. Anyone know a cute little fairy like Tinkerbell that could help? 
4. It's too damn hot in Texas. Seriously. I have lived here my whole entire life and will never get used to it. 
5. I wish we still had a boat. But then again, since #3 is happening, it doesn't really matter.
6. We need a vacation. 
7. We cannot decide on vacation and swear we will find a better deal than the deal found the day before.
8. Said vacation has to happen in the Winter because of issue #3. 
9. Do you see a recurring issue? Yea, #3.
10. I finally made a dermatologist appointment. I have been talking about it for um...about 2 years. I have some skin that needs to be examined stat.
11. The corporate world is for the birds.
12. The corporate world stresses me out and causes me to re-evaluate my corporate job. But, the re-evaluating cannot go that far because of #3. I have to carry a stable job. But, said stable job pisses me off because I do way too much and others get paid more to do way less. Let me repeat...shiz pisses me off. And, when I hear about other people getting raises because they do more and "we don't want them to leave," really pisses me off. So, basically, you don't care if I leave? 
13. My mom is taking me to NYC for my 30th birthday. Ecstatic and something that doesn't piss me off.
14. My radio in my vehicle doesn't have sound. Wasn't that bad for the first um, hour, but now it really pisses me off.
15. I love when E makes my coffee. He does it best.
16. I have kept a hanging plant with flowers alive for three months. Go me. 
17. Still not pregnant. See #2. But that's kosher because this year has many plans and I turn 30. Next year will be THE year. 
18. I really want to buy Essie nail polish, but I really think it's weird when people take nail polish out of their purse at Nail shops. Like, you don't like the polish they supply? Your polish is that much better? Only kidding, really, I just don't want to spend money on polish. But, I just love the colors.
19. I want to chop my hair. See #4. It's too hot to have long hair. I struggle with this though um about every other day. I say "E, I think I want to cut my hair." He says, "J, just wait until tomorrow you won't have the same opinion." Oh he knows me so well.
20. I love my E. 


Kristin said...

Sorry about his brother and the other things that are pissing you off! =) I love that you got to rant, that you're going to NY for your bday and that you and E are so in love!! God will pull you through anything!! =)

Starr Light, Starr Bright said...

Don't cut your hair!!!!! I chopped mine off at the beginning of the year and I have HATED it everyday since then.