Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Austin is a very weird city, but I love every bit of this place. Under the Congress Street bridge lives over 2million bats! Yea, 2million. In order to celebrate our smelly-nasty beloved bats, every year a BatFest is put on with food, crafts and live music (Austin is the "Live Music Capital of the World"). We were selected to be vendors this year which was really exciting, but let me just say...it was a miserable weekend. Here's a short version:
  • Friday night we had an event at St Edwards University until about 10pm.
  • Alarm clock dinged at 630am on Saturday.
  • We opened the store, went to the grocery store, sweat like pigs and lastly got the trailer ready.
  • We got to the Congress bridge at 10am, unloaded and unloaded and did I mention unloaded all the shit that you have to have to sling ice.
  • It was 112 degrees outside.
  • The concrete was hotter than hell at 160 degrees. We were standing on said concrete.
  • We served so much ice we ran out...TWICE.
  • I had to use a dolly and carry 5 ices that weigh as much as a sumo-wrestler all the way down the bridge because you cannot drive on the bridge. Do you recall it being 112 degrees outside? H-E-L-L.
  • We left at 950pm to be at a Bar mitzvah. Let me just say I wish I had this 13 years old family. They easily spent $20K on this shin-dig...full up with a dance team to get all the hellions dancing.
  • We went back to Batfest at 1100...listened to Bob Schneider.
  • Served ice to Bob's band.
  • Closed down the cart and E pulled away with the trailer at 145am. I got home at 205am.
Are you jealous? You should be as I spent 18 hours in H-E-L-L. 

Our cart with the Austin sky line in the background. At least we had a great view!
Steph serving customers- She is the BEST employee! I do have to say she has the BEST bosses as we let her drink brew-ha-has during the day. Winning.

The original Bat-Mobile from the Batman TV series. Legit.

The beautiful flowers E surprised me with last night to say Thank You and remind me he thinks I am beautiful! (Aren't my flower arranging skills awful amazing? Don't judge.)
Even though we visited hell all day, it was totally worth it. E and I high-fived each other because we made it work; we were successful and we are a great team! 

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