Monday, August 8, 2011

5 year thinking.

With so much time on my hands...ha, yea right. I have been thinking about the things I want to do in the next 5 years. I would do a bucket list for the rest of my life, but unfort I would be here for years as that list is far too long.Without further ado, in random order:
1. Take a Mom and daughter trip. 
2. Visit NYC during the Holidays. I am a December bebe and I absolutely love Christmas time. I want to visit the windows of Macy's and Saks. Buy gobs of fun things. Dress up with scarves and boots. 
3. Visit Fenway Park. Wrigley Field. & Yankees Stadium.
4. Attend an NCAA Football National Championship game.
5. Quit my job.
6. Have zero debt. To include a house.
7. Perfect baking cupcakes.
8. Buy a puppy and have it crate trained.
9.  Perfect my photography skills. Or um, pick up the camera again.
10. Be able to play and finish a round of golf with E.
11.  Be a better judge of character.
12. Go to Italy with my boo.
13.  Take a mini-trip once a month to different cities in Texas.
14. Go on the cruise that E and I met on 10 years ago.
15. Volunteer one weekend out of the month. I know, that sounds easy-peazy, but being a business owner and full time corporate employee it's hard.
16. Visit Napa Valley and get buzzed off good wine the whole time we are there. (this probably won't happen as E has no interest in visiting CA...perhaps, my bestie would join me.)
17. Cage dive with sharks. No-I am not saying this just because it's Shark Week. :)
18. Learn how to drive a standard. Ha. At 29 I still don't know how and E's Jeep is standard...he probably doesn't teach me on purpose.
19. Buy an old bungalow and redo it OR
20. *Sell everything. Buy a Catamaran and sail the Caribbean for a couple of years* 

I see a trend in this to make this happen?

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