Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap.

That's a common word in my vocab these days. 

I have half days on Fridays at my Corporate gig which I absolutely love, BTW, but when you own a business it's near impossible to have these half-days. :) 
Friday was an uber-dramatic day at the office with a bunch of ridiculous drama, but I managed to get out around Noon. I headed to Rita's to make ice for the next few hours. Amongst making ice, we had to go pick our spot for the Austin Ice Cream Festival. Picked our spot and went back and forth from the store, Home Depot and our spot about a gazillion times. It was so hot, y'all. Like so hot we were soaking wet...not in water, but sweat. SICK. 
We managed to get everything set up and ready to go on Friday. Met one of my besties for a couple of cocktails and din-din. Needless to say, we knew Saturday was going to be a long day, so we opted to head home for some rest. 

Saturday was oh so much fun! Alarm clock went off at 6:30am...that shouldn't be legal. We had until 9am to be completely set up and ready for the festival...we were set up at 10. Ha. Typical Jensen-thang. By the time we were set up we were so hot and could have cried. I didn't think people would show up at 10 to get ice cream...I mean, isn't that early to give a child sweet treats? Obvs, not in Austin because the festival was booming by 10:30. There were thousands of people...when I say thousands...that's not an understatement. Did I mention it was hot? We haven't had rain in Austin in about 100 years, so it was dusty. Kids were screaming everywhere. I was chasing around dog owners forcing them to give their animals water because um it was 107 and there aren't paramedics for Dogs, hello! We had a constant line from 10am-7pm. There wasn't a five minutes of down time. We ran out of ice mid way through and that is a big no-no, but we fixed it and had the flavors in the dip box within thirty minutes. It was hot...did I mention that? We served over 3000 people! Insane. It was a lot of fun, trying at times and excellent practice for our next festival...BAT FEST. Yea, Austin is weird, but that's why we love it!

All I wanted to do on Sunday was sit and rest. That didn't was typical chore day and it's hard to sit and rest when E had to go to work which makes me feel bad. I did my chores, cooked dinner and was bathed and eating ice cream on the couch by 9pm.

Today is Monday and I would much rather be sitting on a beach or by a pool with Sangria!

(E just called and said he got a catering event...serving a shit ton of University of Texas Sorority girls...he didn't ask for my help...I wonder why, lol)

Happy Monday!

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