Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday!

Linking up over yonder...

I'm loving the dinner casserole I made last night- Dorito Chicken. I made it low fat by using 2% cheese, Low-fat Sour Cream and Healthy Request Cream of Chicken soup. It was to die for good!
I'm loving that one of my sweet friends is a hair dresser...I have had gray hair since I was in 8th grade...lame. I have to get it colored almost every three weeks as four weeks is pushing it. She slaps on the color and I wash it out at home. Perfection.
I'm loving that Rita's was chosen to be a vendor at the Austin Ice Cream Festival. We have worked so hard to make this damn business a success and getting our foot into a festival is huge. What isn't huge is that I will be sweating my bootay off in 100+ degree temperatures on Saturday ALL DAY. But alas, this damn business must be a success.

I'm loving that sweet guy behind the cart!


Heather said...

Italian ice sounds SOOO good!

sm said...

beautiful pics
like the line i am loving