Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's the middle of the road.

This week is dddrrraaagggiiinnnggg on and I am hopeful I can make it to Friday. Wednesday lovin' at it's finest.
I am loving that tomorrow is the first day of December. AMEN to a vacation, my 30th birthday, Christmas and the end of the year!
I am loving that I have finally figured out how to make my hair look good most days. Scrunch conditioner in it along with mousse and diffuse it. I typically didn't do any of those three things and am elated I asked a home-girl at Ulta what she did to make her hair so pretty!
I am loving that I have a husband that tells me I am beautiful and I that I love myself! I don't want to be like anyone. 
I am loving all my Pinterest finds this week...holy moly I wish I would have never downloaded the Pinterest app on the iPhone. 

Boob scarfs. Can I get an absolute hysterical laugh? 
I think so. 


Jodie said...

Love your list!! I serisouly, died laughing at the boob scarfs!! So funny!!

I'm your newest follower! Love your blog! Have a great day!

Nicole said...

HI!! Thanks for stopping by so nice to "meet" you!
Boob scarfs? awesome

Sarah said...

I laugh everytime I see that pug party!! And I love that cabin tub! I wish I could be there right now. :)