Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday. My Friday.

It's Wednesday and my Friday! I am ecstatic and am beginning to get the travel bug (IE: major anxiety) but it's all worth it and will be a blast. 

I am loving my sweet parents. They give and give without ever questioning. They give to their children, their home, their friends and their church. I am telling you there aren't many people that I have met that have a loyal and giving heart like them.

I am loving that I leave for NYC with my MBFF tomorrow and will be scurrying in the cold, beautiful big apple for a few days. 
(Can I tell you how badly I want my hair to be this long again? And, I die over that red.)

I am loving that as much as I am going to miss E and Marley they get the whole house to themselves. I won't be there nagging for a few days, they get to eat whatever they want, don't have to make the bed...they are definitely getting a mini-vacation too.

I am loving that K and B find out the gender of their baby tonight. We are all celebrating together and I am dying over here to know right now.

I am loving that I finally received my white iPhone4s today. I have literally been patiently waiting for a long while. I cannot wait to play with Siri in NYC.

I am loving life right now and am loving how blessed I feel for what I have been given this year.


Elizabeth said...

Have so much fun in NYC!!! How exciting! We went there in August and loved it!

Holly said...

Eeek, I am so jealous of your trip, and of your iPhone, lol! :P