Thursday, November 10, 2011

What a week?

I am very thankful to be employed, love my job most days and mostly adore my boss BUT this week has put my blood pressure levels through the roof. We have had over 100 people at our office for a conference and I was in charge of pretty much all of it. I hit my 40 hours as of Wednesday. I had stood on my feet all hours of daylight since Monday. E had to take my boots off for me on Tuesday because my feet hurt so bad. Yesterday, I could have cried when I got home because I had to cook dinner. This morning I thought for sure it would be a great morning and an afternoon off, but someone here is about as dumb as a brick wall and cannot get things right, so it was a bad morning and arguing why I am right (always). Anyhow, I am off tomorrow and have so much to do this weekend like clean our house, lame.

What about Penn State? I am a Joe Paterno fan...I love the guy and on my life bucket list was seeing a white out game at Penn State with Joe Pa on the sidelines and I am sad I will not be able to do that. I am not going to go into my beliefs or what I feel PSU should have done, but I will say I am sad his legacy will end on this note because a disgusting human had an obsession with young boys. End.

Some words of wisdom to get me through this week:

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