Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Confessional.

It's Friday, AMEN. Let's get this confessional started.

-I only tracked my calories one day this week. Ooops.
-I made broccoli cheese soup last night and totally forgot the garlic, but didn't say a word about it to E because he thought it tasted perfect. 
-I am secretly wanting this weekend to fly by because I want next week to get here because it means we are days closer to our vacation.
-I wax my 'stache and really need to right now, but I am totally waiting until later next week because I want to have a fresh no hair lip for my whole trip. My hair grows like a weed. ;)
-I have gray that is out of control, but just like the 'stache I am waiting until late next week to cover that shizz up.
-I love girlfriends, but there is nothing like going to happy hour just with my husband.
-Everything I put on my Christmas wish list was over $50 an item. Is that bad?
-I think I am a closet monogram lover. I really want to get a Longchamp bag and have my initials monogrammed to carry on our trip. I don't need it. I don't need it.
-I have absolutely zero motivation to go to the gym. I think it's just the time of the year. I haven't gained weight, but goodness I know it will hit me like a ton of bricks come January.
-I am hoping Texas destroys Baylor tomorrow. 

That's all folks.

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lori said...

i'm stopping by from the confessional link up. i think 90% of my christmas wish list was $50+ per item too... so no, i dont think its bad ;)

have fun on your vacay!