Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I love carbs. I could eat carbs with every meal. Well, screw that as every meal. I am an addict. Seriously. I try to stick to a lower* carb diet during the week and focus on healthy foods and exercise. This week- I would like to say it's really tough. I didn't eat that much for Thanksgiving, but all I can think about are things like pretzels, cupcakes, fettuccine Alfredo, pizza and Mexican food. And- ranch...don't even get me started about the addiction to ranch. Maybe I am PMS-ing? I will go with that answer. I am dying to make these as in I might stop by the local Walmart tonight and pick up everything I need to throw these together. Call me a pig or just fat girl. Either will work.

Heaven in a ball I tell ya.

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asj said...

bah! I want those, NOW! I tell you've been packing on the lbs and its not from pregnancy - its from eating nothing but carbs for the past three months... but hey it's what the baby wants, at least thats what I keep telling myself! ;)