Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Those emails.

A few months back E and I had some pretty substantial revelations with each other and it's been a learning and changing curve ever since those days. My marriage is everything to me and to make it better is one helluva a job that takes more than one person. I am forever grateful I am married to someone that changes with me, loves and adores me all of the days of our lives even when I don't deserve it. 
I have built up anger and resentment for whatever I am not sure? It's one of those things we all deny over and over, we blame everyone else around us because we SWEAR it's their fault we are miserable, but in the end really its our own fault. We cannot control others nor can they control us. I signed up for emails from a lovely website : Tiny Buddha (No I am not Buddhist, yes I believe wholeheartedly in Christ, no I do not worship a statue, yes I believe in self-help and amazing words that will change my life.) They send daily emails to overcome life. They send emails to better yourself. Their emails either ring true to oneself or they don't do much because you may have never experienced the discussion in the email. Today, rang true! I read it twice and sent it to E to read. It was about anger, overcoming your feelings for the people around you. 

The power does not lie without. The power lies within you. You just have to know that you deserve it—happiness, peace, love, and joy. ~ Nanette Stein

We are the ones with the power to overcome. We are the ones with the power to choose happiness, peace, love and joy. To some that might not mean a thing, but to me it means everything.

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” ~Lao Tzu

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Jennifer said...

I am so glad you reminded me of Tiny Buddha - I ran into it one day when I was browsing the web and got distracted and never signed up for the emails.

Doing that now.

We are the ones with the power is so meaningful to me as well, not sure I always remember that but thanks for the reminder.

Have a great day!