Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Those moments.

There are so many moments in my life in which I literally have to take a REALLY deep breath to not totally freak out and yell at someone or something. I tend to keep my composure but undoubtedly there are those times where I want to burst at the seams.
It could be the AT&T bill showing up on my screen showing that my other half not knowingly went over on minutes the last months. I really wanted to call up said company and yell at them because there "is absolutely no way one can talk that much...especially him." Instead, I called up the company and basically was nice and negotiated those charges be taken off and figure out a new plan. In the midst of me saying, "he never goes over." She responded with he has the past six months, but had roll over minutes. How dare she prove me wrong and I not go off? 
It could also be when I heard that someone received a title change at the fabulous company I work for and along with that title change they received an increase in salary. Um, excuse me? I had to FIGHT tooth and nail for my title change and an increase in salary. Guess the difference? The person on the receiving end has a penis. Male dominance in the work place to the T-E-E. 
I was blessed with really curly hair and some days I really love it. The days I actually comb it...I hate it. Yea, I never comb and I forbid using a brush on my mane. Today, I wanted to scream and run to No 9 salon to get my head shaved. I didn't. I just flipped my hair over and made that shizz really frizzy. Perfection.
Someone near and dear to my little heart had an MRI done twice for a large bump on her face\neck. She is going to Europe for almost three weeks and doesn't want to know the "make up" of the bump so she told her doctor to not notify her. Um, really? Now we all have to go to work in agony wondering if you are kosher whilst you strolling along the streets of Italy drinking wine and eating cheese? For shame.

And this just speaks volumes.
The time I didn't want to scream? When I received an awesome email this morning which has me joyfully hopeful. Say a prayer or think a positive thought for me.

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