Monday, October 8, 2012

Cannot take it.

Oh weekend and Monday...I am not that into you right now. Can Friday already be here? Or better yet, could we start back at last Friday? 
Friday consisted of me cleaning our house even though we have Yolanda. Typically, Yolanda does really well, but I felt we needed a good deep cleaning to start the Fall. I was successful in the fact I sneezed for three hours straight because Ms. Yolanda missed a lot of dust balls in our bedroom. I was too tired to clean our bathroom and needed to rest up before I went to Zumba. I guess my cleaning might have actually been a failure after writing those two sentences. Whatever. It still smelled good when E got home from work.
Saturday was a booze day. 
See? Neato picture captured by the Mister.
Then after boozin' it all day : We headed to the Texas game. Big fat loss. So depressing. 
Um HEY Mackie B, recruit me because I could have made that one.
We had an absolute blast, but you know it's bad when you walk from the stadium to downtown only to drink your sorrows away. One of the first things I said to E when I opened my eyes Sunday was, "I cannot believe he missed that field goal." I swear I am a female. 
OU still sucks!
Sunday was spent resting my leg, drinking coffee, watching movies, shopping at the grocery store...ya know the normal.
Then I had to wake up Monday, go to work without makeup and GET STRUCK BY SOME IDIOT THAT PULLED A U TURN RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I cannot take another negative thing happen in our lives, seriously. I know the good Man above only gives us exactly what we can take, but guess what BIG MAN...HELP A SISTER OUT. 
And, this idiot is saying it's not her fault. I should have been rude to her, but I clearly thought she would have admitted guilt when insurance heard the story. I am going to stay positive because we have been working on living in the moment and "Positive is how I live."

At least the week can only get better. 


Ashley said...

Know how you feel about a not so great football weekend, my team was a struggle too. So sorry to hear about the car. Hope it all works out quickly and easily!

stephanie said...

Booze days are always a win in my book. And I do the same thing when I clean... clean a room then I need to rest and the rest doesn't get finished ;)

Domestic Sweetheart said...

Staying positive is the best! Love your blog ...I'm a new GFC follower :)