Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh there she is.

Dear Weather : You are amazing. Seriously, where have you been all my life?

Dear busy life :  Just stop for a bit. We know that you like to fill up and go, go, go, but just chillax. Life is short.
Dear Extremely Loud and Considerably Close : You made me cry. Not only did I shed some tears, I went to bed feeling sad and kept telling the husband I didn't want him to die. And that is why I don't watch movies, but would rather sleep!
Dear Driver that hit me almost three weeks ago : Sucka!!! Yea, your insurance and YOU will be footing the bill to fix my ride. You shouldn't have come up with some story you thought was clever. You lose.
Dear car : I cannot wait to drive without my hair blowing in the wind. Just kidding, but really, I am tired of hearing the wind whistle.
Dear Longhorn football : I don't think I can watch tomorrow. Like, really.
Dear Austin : You did a number on our checking account last weekend. For shame. But, it will probably happen again tomorrow even though we said, "we cannot afford to buy tickets to the game." haha, that's a joke right?
Dear Tory Revas : I love you. I need you in every color.
Dear Barbados : I die. I need you now.
Dear Husband : I'm crazy, but you know how to make me smile. 
Dear Faith : It's funny how when I believe in you, wonderful things happen. It's been a good week!


Manda said...

That's the funny thing about "Faith" isn't it? :) Hehe.

Cute letters!
Eat Cake

stephanie said...

This weather is amazing isn't it?! Austin always drains my checking account too :)

Anonymous said...

I just watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close yesterday! It has been on my DVR for like a mnth, but I was waiting for the right time to watch it. I boo hoo-ed like a little baby during it. I don't know if I could watch it again.