Thursday, February 2, 2012

Texts from Last Night.

So-I have a great group of girlies that are dear to my heart. I have a couple besties here in the ATX then I have my seester bestie that lives in Houston. L and I have seen each other go through a lot! Divorce, sicknesses, boys, college, failing grades, abusers, moves, I do's and the list continues. BUT, this little ole lady loves herself boys which I love because I can live vicariously through her (sort of...). 
Our text convos are hysterical. 
Texts from last night 
moi is in blue:

 They send pictures to each other all day long like sixth graders since they aren't dirty, fo shame.

I cannot help but laugh: Zee Germans are coming, Zee Germans are coming!
(this went on for a good hour)

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