Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catch up.

I am back from San Diego and I loved every minute of SD. I didn't like Temecula at all, but I got over it when I visited the Fashion Mall on Friars and pulled up to my hotel off 10th Avenue in San Diego. There was one part that would have made SD visit have E with me. He is my partner in crime when traveling and having him in a fun city with me would have made the trip ten times better, but alas I enjoyed the alone time. I am going back in a couple of weeks and am hoping to pull his hair to come with me. 
So- I am loving all things San Diego today!
I stayed at the Hotel Indigo and it was very nice, modern, clean and close to everything. Highly recommend it. I mean- They had wood floors! I was bummed they don't have bath tubs though.
 Who knew San Diego had a Little Italy? Not moi. 
 I pampered myself on Thursday evening then went and had an Italian dinner by myself. I had a salad, some basil pesto and a glass of wine. It was delish! My BFF, Kindle was by my side.
 I took a 6 mile stroll on Friday morning before my departure, so I could see the ocean. There is something about salt water...
 Great public transportation! Trolleys.
 Fishing boats. There were so many boats!
I sent this to E. :)

Happy Leap Day!


Jodie said...

Looks lovely!! I honestly think going to dinner by yourself is one of most relaxing times ever. When I go always take a book! :)

Hannah said...

Cute blog! I've never been to San Diego but I have a couple of friends that live out there and just LOVE it. Maybe I can convince my hubby that we need to make a trip ;) Have a great day! xoxo

Jamie said...

I went to college in San Diego. It is really one of the best places on the planet. Love the pictures!

Table4One said...

I love San Diego! One of the best trips I've ever taken - I met Chuck Norris when I was there haha he was staying at our hotel! Speaking of Hotel Indigo there is one in Athens Georgia (where I live) and it is so fabulous! But I'm with you on the not bathtubs....sometimes a girl just needs to soak!