Monday, February 13, 2012

And I laughed.

Last week was stressful, but our weekend was nothing but fantastic- Thank Heavens!
Friday, started with Marley having issues with his eye and ended with just finding out he has an ulcer on the eyeball caused from a cut caused from running into something. Poor booger. I love his ophthalmologist so much! He was writing Mars' report and said..."put the ointment in his left eye...oh yea, he only has one eye, so I guess I don't need to continue to write that. " Ha. So true. 
On our way to see Dr. Schfrin. 
 He needs a hair cut, but we love him scruffy.
Look how thorough his eye doc doctor's reports aren't even like this...lucky SOB this mutt is I must say:
Ice Guy was invited to the University of Texas mascot halftime game. Let me say we have a dear friend that is the perfect person under our mascot outfit. This was hysterical to see all the mascots playing 4 on 4. And- I laughed hysterically while re-watching this vid.

I surprised E with a 75 minute massage and dinner at ZTejas on Saturday after the game. It was an early Heart Day celebration. Both of us definitely needed a rub down. :)
Sunday was spent grocery shopping, lounging, eating trail mix, doing laundry, enjoying a fire and a bit of snow, topped off with a few too many bevs at a local restaurant for a friend's birthday! 

I am ready for Friday!

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asj said...

that fireplace looks heavenly - I agree, is it friday yet?!?