Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Staten Island, I mean California.

I am in Temecula, California for the week and let me just say I feel like I am in Staten Island, NY. Fo-realz. It definitely doesn't have the Cali appeal you see in San Diego. It's about an hour and a half north of San Diego and I am really wishing it was more like right down the street. I am in training for the week and I am ready to get home. I am pathetic. I just love my bed, my husband, my dog and my house...oh let's not forget about my car. 
Hertz gave me a car that is about to fall apart, swear. It reeks of cigarette smoke and just nasty. 
My hotel actually is nice and modern, but my room is facing I-15. Fail. 
I love this mirror. That's the bathroom light!
I did catch a glimpse of pretty scenery this morning on my way driving people off the rode to get my Starbucks. 
I have to work at night after training because...well- I just need to get some shizz done. 
I found the nearest In N Out burger. 
Whataburger is so much better!
To kill time, I went and got a manicure and pedicure. I have to say it was full of Staten Island-ish gals. It was bizarre. I love my nail color though.

I can't wait to stay in SD on Thursday night. Perhaps, a facial, a glass of wine, my Kindle and a nice dindin alone will be in the future. 


criticalcrass said...

that's a not-so-nice tee-shirt you've got on there.

i was looking back through my emails, all the comment notifications i'd gotten and realized i hadn't replied to yours about the feeling that the aggies would beat yall this past season. what a joke we were. so sad. and i'm sure yall loved that you won that one. i was so certain we'd have an attendance like the nebraska game from teh previous season, and it wasn't anything like that. so weird, that game. so disappointing.

Kristin said...

Sounds amazing to be alone in CA, I love alone time! =) Hope you had a great night in SD!!