Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh the weekend.

We had a fabulous weekend that started with getting our hair did! I am so grateful to have a dear, sweet friend that colors my hair on the cheap. She also cuts E's hair perfectly which typically hasn't happened in the past by other hair dressers. Is that what they are called or stylists?
Anyhow, I can now wear my fro down without being self-conscious about my roots being terrible! I really just need to bite the bullet and see T every three weeks...I am in denial.
We were out most of the weekend which was a-ok with moi because I get tired of the normal lay around and feel lazy on the weekends.
Our weekend in Instagram Pictures:
We have cameras at Rita's and finally were able to get them working again on our phones. Creepy, eh?
Front of house
Meet Ice Guy. I love mascots! We are going to be attending the UT Mascot Basketball game, so he was practicing. :)
 Oh heavens! Found this on Pinterest and it is delish! Peanut Butter and Nanner French toast
 Black and Tan anyone?
 Black and tan gone? Of course.
My fav- Miss Stella.
Sunday we attended a Super Bowl Party, but I didn't take any pictures, Lame.

Lovely weekend and I am sad it's Monday. Come. On. Friday.

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twiggy@thedirtlife said...

you say lame that you didn't take pictures.

i attended a super bowl party...and saw part of the half time show, the end snippets of a few commercials and that one touchdown where the giants 'SAT INSIDE' the inzone.

it was like i didn't even go.