Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Loving on this Wednesday.

Thank goodness we are half way through the week! We have been busy little bees the past few weeks and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down one bit. Last night's Valentine's was absolutely much so I am devoting a whole loving on this Wednesday to our feast and evening!
I am loving that I left work at 5 yesterday, got home and began cooking our feast. Starting with Fluffernutter cupcakes- DELISH!

I am loving that E got me raw oysters for an appetizer. He wanted to take care of that portion of the meal and I am so very grateful because I have been on a raw oyster kick. They were better than what you receive at a restaurant.
I am loving that I made my first Tenderloin Oscar! Delicious doesn't even cut it...amazing!
Don't you love our variety of utensils? Mason jar, Waterford crystal and white plates.
I am loving my gift I gave E. I made him a little booklet with our menu, a really sweet thoughtful note and some cute printed pages of gushy Valentine's lines.
I am loving my gifts too! Flowers and Kendra Scott earrings.

It was a lovely evening spent with the love of my life! 


Victoria said...

sounds like a fun night :)

i love those earrings!

Wittschen's said...

wow. what a nice dinner!! I should have you come cook for my hubby... and then let me pretend it was me :)

Kristin said...

So nice!! I want you to come cook for me!!! LOOKS DELISH!!!