Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday.

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Im loving these new pillows we bought from World Market. We bought a third, but it was on clearance, so there isn't a picture. We have completely re-decorated our living, dining and kitchen. I love it! It's a more neutral palette with bold, deep colors like spice, green, yellow and brown.

Im loving planning our next vacation! This time of the year seems to "get to me." I begin to make negative comments about my job and life in general. It's a perfect time to get away! E and I met on a cruise to Mexico and we haven't been back. I think we are going to try out's the safest place in Mexico right now and it's affordable (Double bonus). I am going to show E a couple of places tonight and we will make our decision. Take me where the boats leave from, where there is pretty water and cabana boys, STAT!

Im loving these sweet girls! I don't have a large group of girlfriends, but the ones I do have are my strength. They give me advice on life and are pulling me through the months of negative pregnancy tests! Love them oh so much. 

Im loving that one of my dearest gals does hair cuz I am going to change this mop! I want something fun and bright. I think I am just going to add some golden-ish highlights around my face. This dark hair and pale skin isn't cuttin' it and will be perfect for Spring\Summer!

Im loving my Marley and my E! I am quite sure I couldn't get through my dramas without these two. And yes, I realize I am talking about my dog. ha.


kelly, said...

What great pillows. very cute pup!!!

Jessica Renee said...

Hi! I found you through the link up and after seeing "Texas" in the title, I knew I had to check ya out! :) I'm looking forward to reading more!