Monday, March 28, 2011

Alive. I think.

I'm alive. I think. After yesterday's de-thatching of the yard, I could die. Well, not really, but that shizz is HARD. We planted a bunch of flowers, mulched, planted herbs and -maters when E said "grab the rake and follow me." 4 hours and a few minutes later we were finished de-thatching. If you don't know what this means or is, I envy you. ha. Basically, it's removal of the deep dry roots, dry grass and leaves from your yard. It's tough work, but thankfully it was only in the 60's yesterday! We pushed through to finish. I say April showers better bring May flowers and green grass cuz it's nothing but green right now.

Anyhooters, I said in my last post which was ages ago, that I was going to try Bikram Yoga. And, I did! I left work early that day and went to the downtown studio and did it. Completed the first class in the 105 degree studio. It was hot, y'all! Like I have never in my life sweat as much as I did that Friday afternoon. A river was basically pouring off my arms. I loved every stinking minute of it! I felt so good afterwards and the days after. I wish it was cheaper because um, it's not affordable with us having gym membership too. I plan to attend "drop-in" classes here and there. The Yogi was super impressed with my ability to not pass out in my first class. I didn't feel nauseous either, but I think that's because I sit in the sauna at our gym on a regular basis.

Rita's First Day of Spring was last Sunday and to say it was a success is an understatement! We served over 700 ices and definitely had 1000+ people come through the store. It's still a new concept to most Texans, but it's definitely catching on quickly! Every day our sales have increased and every weekend we have a ton of new customers. Cheers! To you Katy folks, one is opening off Fry and Grand Parkway really soon. Y'all will love it...your kiddos will too. 

My good friend Tiffany is getting married in the Dominican this weekend! I am so sad we will not be in attendance. We have traveled to the Dominican and decided not to spend our money on a place we have already been plus E and I love, love, love to travel alone. :) I know we will be missed, but I know the G's and the C's are going to enjoy every minute.
The C's and us will have the same wedding anniversary! I think that's so fun. I don't know anyone that knows someone that has the same wedding anniversary. I am sure there will be plenty of years we sit down to celebrate wedded bliss together!
I want to be laying by a beach or pool right now. For now, I am going to read my book while "working."
For some reason, when I PMS I want to cut all my hair off. Is that normal?

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