Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it Friday, yet?

I am pretty sure this is the longest week...ever! I am worn out. I think it might be from the obnoxiously fun weekend I had celebrating Tiff's upcoming wedding. 
I cannot wait for Friday! I am dying for 1pm on Friday to get here, so I can attempt *Hot Yoga*, lay on the couch, read my book, relax and eat a good cooked dinner! 
For now, I have to say that I met E 10 years ago today! It was funny how I even remembered, but I was talking to a gent here at work who told me he and his wife are expecting...we started talking about how long we have been with our spouses and I looked over at the calendar and saw 3\09\2011...Then I realized the day. I met E on a cruise ship out of Galveston while I was cruising with my Bestie and her fam. Amazing story and Amazing love! 
Oh and note: I am pretty sure Babies are going to take over the world. Everyone is announcing their pregnancies!!! OR, they just had a baby in the last few weeks or the last few hours for that matter. (can you please put one in my belly too? K, thanks)
I'm attempting to plan a vacation to Mexico. We haven't been there except if you count the cruise we met on, but I don't, so it will be a "new" place for us. I am thinking Cabo because it's safer, but Playa keeps coming into the picture because the beaches are oh so purdy and it's cheaper, but my Mother thinks it's unsafe. Thoughts?
I think we are going to jet-set on a bike tour of our area this evening. Settle in with some vino. Or skip the bike ride and opt only for vino and a dinner out. I'll take the latter. :)

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