Friday, March 4, 2011

Show us your family!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Kelly's Korner because she is as cute as a button, her daughter is even cuter and she has a true knack for being inspirational! She has linkies to Show us Your Family today and I never talk about my fam, so I thought I would do just that on this peachy Friday!
My parents are the couple on the right: J and J :)
My father is my Hero. He and I have a loving relationship that will last forever. He has taught E how to be a wonderful husband because he absolutely adores my Mom. Like ADORES, but who wouldn't because she is H.O.T.
My father has worked for the same Civil Engineering firm in the Houston area for almost 30 years! He loves his job, is a mentor to all the young-ins in the office, started using email only about a year ago, the little gals in the office LOVE him. He played football at Tarleton State University, is a Texans season ticket holder, loves all things University of Texas and loves that I married a Longhorn. He is a die-hard Republican. Lastly, he is a Godly man and you can see this not with his words, but with his daily actions.
Isn't my mom beautiful? She is my BFF. She literally cracks me up because she acts like she is about 30. She is Director of Evangelism at A HUGE church in the Houston a really HUGE church. ha. I am pretty sure people want to be her because she has style, has grace, walks into a room and OWNS IT and can talk to a brick wall. She is a missionary at heart and loves to give and help. She is a loyal Mother who never gave up on my brother or I. She is a prayer warrior and I just adore her little heart!

This is my older brother: TBird
T is the same age as E. 32. E and T get along like brothers. E is the brother T never had. He is a piece of work, but I wouldn't trade this kid for the world. He is 6'4" and has legs the size of tree trunks. He had a Joe Theisman break while playing football had to have serious surgery and the surgeon said he broke multiple screws trying to get through his bones. I am pretty sure he would be playing in the NFL if he didn't quit football after High School. He is in the construction industry and is really, really good at it. He has an obsession with tennis shoes. He matches everything...IE: if he wears an orange shirt, he has to have his shoes that will match not necessarily orange, but probably all white. It cracks me up to walk into his room and see all the shoes along the wall. He survived a drive-by shooting with gun shot wounds to the head. A few months later, he survived a hit by a car driving 30 mph. To say that my brother has been through a lot is an understatement, but he lives his life with joy. He is single, but takes girls to eat sushi frequently. He loves being a bachelor because he is an independent man. He loves to hunt at the ranch and he shoots skeet as a hobby. He has 3 best friends that he has been best friends with since pre-school, none of them are married and are all successful. He is the most loyal friend I have ever heard of or have ever met...I strive to be the friend he is to his guys and gals.
That's a glimpse into my fam!

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Wittschen's said...

WOW! I had no idea that your brother went through all that. What another testiment that God is Good!