Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random things.

For Valentine's and a celebration of finishing the kitchen, I wanted to do something special for E. I knew since Cupid's day was on Monday I wanted to celebrate on Saturday. I booked a couple's massage at Milk+Honey on 2nd street. Let me tell ya...AMAZING place, AMAZING massages. We were seriously in HEAVEN on EARTH! After the massages, we walked over to La Traviata to have an Italian dinner. I love this little place with half my heart. It has the BEST Carbonara one has ever eaten. It's quaint, romantic and perfect! After dinner we walked over to a Lounge called Qua. This place is legit. One of my brother's best friends is the GM there, so we chatted and had a couple of drinks to top the night off right. It was a fabulous evening filled with love, laughter and joy. E was surprised the whole entire time and that made my heart skip a beat! E surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers...IE: I filled three vases with flowers! ha. Mostly bright pink favorite right now.
We had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year...We are blessed and of course grateful! 
(i am a little irritated with myself that i didn't take one picture. whatevs.)

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Kristin said...

Awww, that sounds like a PERFECT day!!!!!