Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We are done with our kitchen. Like seriously done. We have been in our home five years and literally have been working on this kitchen for those five years. I am blessed beyond words to have a handy-man as a husband. E is amazing at home duties...I mean, that could be because he built houses for 5+ years or it could be because he is that smart and fantastic at teaching himself said home duties. We finished the kitchen on Friday literally a few hours before my parents arrived at our house. The last touch was using "Liquid Gold" on the cabinets...if you haven't heard of it, go buy some now because it's a miracle spray. And for you...here is our finished product (excuse the not-so-pretty filth on the oven):

We did everything in this kitchen except the install of the flooring and the granite. We E redid cabinets, redid the base boards, took off counter tops...yadayadayada. You get the drift. Can you believe E did that backsplash? Amazing. We might have had brutal words during the process, but it looks beautiful. :) The pallet hanging on the wall was my creation. I saw something similar on a design blog and snagged up the idea. I stole borrowed a pallet from work, stained it, bought plates and E hung the pallet and the plates. I love it! I can switch out the plates for different holidays and seasons. Right now, it has Italian plates with Olive trees, love them.  The last thing I need to purchase is some sort of valence and a bamboo shade for the window. The kitchen turned out beautiful!


Wittschen's said...

Nice Work E!! looks great!
I love how you have your pans hanging!! I have been wanting to do that over our island, but unsure if it would look good since our kitchen isn't huge. But, it looks fantastic in your kitchen

Cara said...

Wow! It looks fantastic! I especially love the backsplash design!