Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We have been busy little bees lately, which I will not complain about because I loathe being bored, ha. 
I work half days on Friday, yea---Be jealous, so I have my typical Friday afternoon filled with shopping, eating, resting and hanging with the Marley-man. But, Friday I decided to visit E at Rita's and take him to grab a beer and a burger at Crown and Anchor. Love, Love, Love this place...it's old and has the BEST beer selection on West Campus. I love outings with E, especially when it's not at night. Friday night we went to the dreaded Waterloo because we couldn't figure out what to eat...we are the world's worst people when it comes to picking out restaurants. This is the typical conversation btwn E and I:
E: "What do you want for dinner?"
J: "I don't care. What do you want?"
E: "I asked you first."
J: "Well, I asked you second."
J: "What type of food do you want?"
E: "I don't really care."
E: "Not really, Italian, but we ate that last night. Mexican, but we can't eat that because it's only Tuesday."
AND THIS GOES ON FOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES! And finally, we end up going to the same ole, same ole restaurant. It's a daunting task I tell ya. I wish I had the motivation to cook every single night, but come Thursday I am ready for my chips and salsa.
Saturdays E has to work {of course}, so I typically use the day to do chores around the house and put in an extra long workout at the gym. Typically, by the time he comes home I have the house cleaned up, the laundry washed and folded, kitchen cleaned, house vacuumed, myself-showered, perfumed, make-up'd and am hanging out on the couch.  This past Saturday, we went out to celebrate this guy's birthday...
 This guy LOVES to partay! Like seriously lives to hang out with friends, dance and drink. Love him! We went to Roaring Fork and grabbed burgers, went to Fado (Great Irish pub) and then went to Qua. Let me tell you: WE ARE OLD. E and I were pretty much ready to shoot ourselves at Qua. Don't get me wrong, Qua is beautiful, the DJ plays great music, but it's loud, crowded and dark. I have to be drunk in the mood to get down and boogie and Saturday was just not it. ha. Possibly because my head was going to explode from congestion. It was a fun-filled night with great peeps, but E and I are total chillax people and prefer Fado and chillax bars that are not ridden with 21 year olds humping their boyfriends against poles...I digress.
This week is busy at work because it's end of month, which is good because as I stated I don't like being bored. I won't talk about work that much on here, but I am praying the military budget doesn't get cut and the CR is signed STAT...I need a job and so do 199 other people. Come on Obama! 
A couple of gals and myself are hosting a lingerie shower for T this Saturday and I am thrilled! We are hosting at our house and it's all things black, white and pink! I am making cupcakes and a spread of treats. I am definitely going to be taking many pictures the next few weeks as her couples' shower and bachelorette party are to follow next weekend. Good times!

ps-if i get pregnant this month, our due date would be...get ready...11-11-11. How fun is that? :)

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