Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ike has taken a turn, so our tree will be safe, YES! However, I want to discuss this can meterologists feel they do well for people in this world when 80% of the time their forecasts are completely incorrect. Anyone can bet if they say 100% chance of rain for your area, it's really only 70% chance of rain...if they tell you a hurricane is going to hit your town, it most likely isn't going to hit your town. Weather is probably by far the hardest thing to predict because it's nature, but I wish the weather people would admit that MOST of the time it's a guessing game and they get paid to guess. I wish the best for everyone that was notified this morning about mandatory evacuations...I know Austin is going to be a packed place this weekend into next week!

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Wittschen's said...

Girl! I have made this same argument!! If I only treated my patients correct 20% of the time they would all be dead!!