Monday, September 8, 2008

Everslacking blogger

I think I am probably the worst blogger EVER! I get really excited when I read others' blogs because it's amazing how people can come up with things to write about everyday. I think it helps when you have a child...OR I live a very boring life. Onto it...
About 2 months ago, Eric found a job listed on Craigslist...IT'S IN COSTA RICA!!! I was super pumped about this job because I am dying to move out of Texas. Don't get me wrong, I love Texas and I will always call Texas home, but that's the problem...I am too devoted to it. So onto the job, the job is building custom homes on a new golf course in Southern Costa Rica. Eric received an email right after applying asking some detailed questions about his experience, as well as his Spanish speaking abilities. After this email, we didn't hear anything about the position UNTIL last Wednesday...Eric received an email stating he is a finalist for the position! This is a huge accomplishment in itself because over 200 people applied for the position. Again, he had to answer some detailed questions about working visas, moving dates, etc. Even if he doesn't get this job, it's okay because it at least gives me hope that moving away is in our Future!

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Kristin said...

Costa Rica!! How fun would that be!! Good luck with the potential job! You know God will let it happen if it's meant to be! =)