Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I cannot believe Eric and I have been in eachother's lives for 7 years...it seems like yesterday I met him on the cruise headed to Cozumel. He was a young buck back then...was able to stay up late, drink till the sun came up, and was down to do anything. Now, he is embarking on a whole new era in his life, HIS 30'S!!! Eric turns 30 this Saturday and I cannot believe it. Of course, I always knew I married someone older, but it's amazing to see so many changes in my husband and best friend.
~He is such a devoted man not only to me, but his job, his family, his friends and to the random people he meets daily. He strives to do the best he can and make everyone happy. He is one that is loyal and will always be there for the ones he loves. He has always been independent (So his mother tells me), but becomes dependent when he doesn't feel well. He has the bluest eyes you have ever seen on a man with brown hair. I have never seen brothers have as close of a relationship as Eric and Brian. He is a constant thinker. He believes he is a failure if something isn't perfect. He loves golf. He loves my family. He and my brother are JUST A LIKE. If I said, we are moving tomorrow, he would pack his bags. He misses the snow, but loves Texas fall days. He misses UT and all things college. He says he loves my cooking, but likes to give advice. He loves red wine. He loves Italy. He loves to travel with just me, so we can grow and enjoy eachother's company. He could sit on the couch for days, but would complain about his back hurting. He is like a father to our dog, Marley. And the list could go on and on, but the one thing I know for sure...Eric has a strong passion for all things his life holds now and in the future and I adore him for that.

I love him with all my heart and I know the next 30 years will be filled with love and joy.

Happy Birthday Love! Cheers to 30.

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