Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oh here's the weekend in pictures. Actually, these started last Thursday on my love's birthday! 
I have to say: I made the BEST cupcakes ever. Snickers chocolate ones to be exact. Like, melt in your mouth...I could eat 100 at a time...damn good.
We fested it out by slingin' ice at Austin Pride. It was an experience...that's for sure.

Dunking drag queens. That's normal for a Saturday, right?!
We hung out with a two week old pig named Bacon, on bacon-mania night...at a bar. Cutest thing I ever did see.
And, I ended the weekend with a long walk to the gym.
Oh, but wait...we watched this home girl sit in the Chick Fil A "line" on Sunday. Pretty sure she was really angry no one was answering her hellos at the drive thru, so she proceeded to DRIVE THRU. Hysterical. Um: Note to America...remember the Chick Fil A CEO\Prez is a die.hard.Christian so he chooses to close his shops on Sundays. 
Idiot of the weekend right there.
Remember Tory owed me an e-gift card because of the janky calf hair purse? I received $600 in e-gift cards today. Now, I am debating what in the heck to purchase! 

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