Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We had an eventful weekend that basically consumed all our energy and time until 130am on Sunday. We actually slept in and had coffee in bed on Sunday which was absolutely amazing. E is definitely not much of sleeper or a lay-er in bed, so it was heavenly plus the massage and Mexican dinner helped. The wedding was very pretty! The bride looked gorgeous and the venue turned into a fabulous retreat for an outdoor wedding. And, I have to add we got to watch Texas beat down Ole Miss via WatchESPN on our phones. Hook 'Em!
Onto some of my loves this week!
I am loving that we shared our favorite shot on Friday. Washington Apple. Every where we go, we get this shot. Sometimes they are so tasty, but in places like St Kitts they are disgusting.

I am loving these roasted shrimp enchiladas I made last night. They were amazing and I used low fat sour cream to lessen the calories in the sauce. You can find these on my Pinterest board: jajensen
I am loving the beautiful yellow flowers E brought home last night. He really knows my how to brighten my day. Just adore him.
I am loving that I received an email today in which has me elated. 
I am loving that E's birthday is tomorrow! I am in the process of getting his gifts together. I love celebrating!


Allison said...

Those flowers are so pretty and the enchiladas look delicious!

Nicholl Vincent said...

gorgeous flowers!

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