Thursday, September 13, 2012

If you ask, you shall receive.

We have had one of those weeks that you think is going to be really bad, but when something bad happens a good thing is next. Explanation, no?
1. E bought a book on MY Kindle that I just received at Christmas. No big deal. The other night as we were sitting on the couch I happened to ask him, "where is MY Kindle?" He replied, "in my car." I wanted to gasp, but instead I just made a comment about the heat. He proceeded to go get it; lo and behold only half of the screen worked! Total failure on behalf of Amazon. Poor thing...I am referring to E.
Bad thing = Kindle stopped working. Good thing = Amazon is amazing and with minimal amount of questions sent me a brand new one today!
2. I received a Tory Burch Leopard Calf Hair purse from my parents for Christmas. I love me some Tory however the hair is falling off the purse. This purse wasn't cheap either...I am talking like really not cheap. So, I thought about it yesterday and decided to send an email regarding how upset I was at the quality of the purse. I received a response that goes like this:
Dear Julie,
Thank you for contacting Tory Burch with regard to your damaged item. We apologize that your item has not worn as expected. Please send the item back to us and we will issue you an e-gift card.
Pretty sweet because look at how awful this purse is right now:
And, that's happening on the sides too. 
Bad thing = Tory bag I adore is losing it's hair. Good thing = I will be receiving a gift card in the amount my parents spent on the purse. I should be able to get a purse and a pair of flats. Winning.
3. I had major cramps last night and I was cold. 
Bad thing = I had major cramps and E wasn't home to give my empathy. Good thing = Since E wasn't home, I got to sit on the couch with our quilt and a sweat shirt on & watch X-Factor. E dislikes reality TV. Too sad for him because he missed this thang:
 And, that would be a male.
4. My job drives me insane.
Bad thing = My job drives me to insanity and makes me live with a poor attitude. Good thing = I order lunch and steal the cookies for E.
5. We have a wedding this weekend. It's a family wedding.
Bad thing = It's supposed to rain and I have really curly hair. Good thing = I am learning compassion through it all. 
Which do you choose?
6. The best thing of this week thus far that doesn't have a bad thing attached before or after. We had a slumber party with this cutie-patootie! 
Seriously! Isn't he the cutest baby ever? Calm down baby makers. :)
Or don't.

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Table4One said...

That is so awesome about Tory Burch!!! A+ customer service!