Monday, September 10, 2012

If you knew something.

We had a fun-filled weekend that started with wine club Friday night and ended with stuffed pork chops on Sunday. In between was a little football, a little dancing and a lot of boozing. :)
We love this city and the special people we have here to celebrate little things like...UT football, duh.
So onto the If you knew me post. I love these little things because I think it's fun to look back on posts via FB, Instagram or Blogger to see how we change over the years.

So onto it, shall we?
If you really knew me...
*you'd know I met my husband on a cruise my freshman year of college.
*you'd know I have an older brother that is a month older than E. E is the brother T never had growing up. Unfort for T, he was stuck with  me.
*you'd know I wanted to be a teacher, but my senior year of college they told me the state of Texas ruled against Sociology as being a minor. I had to then switch my minor and major. I ended up with equivalent hours for each meaning = 2 majors.
*you'd know I would rather watch football on a Saturday than go shopping or gab with girl friends.
*you'd know I cannot and will not get out of bed easily. I love my bed and my rest!

*you'd know I have the teeny-tiniest toe nails on planet Earth and it's one of two things I am really self-conscious of when it comes to my body.
*you'd know the other thing I am self-conscious of is my inner thigh fat. 
*you'd know I didn't have hair until I was 2 or 3. It was board straight. I started my period and now have ringlets. Odd.
*you'd know I had gray hair starting in 8th grade. I would most definitely be fully gray if I didn't color my hair.
*you'd know I hate fixing my own cup of coffee and rarely do because E makes it so much better!
*you'd know I spent my 30th birthday in Barbados.
*you'd know E and I love to travel.
*you'd know I am really independent.
*you'd know my love language is not touch and it's something I work on constantly because E's is totally touch.
*you'd know we have been married for 7 years & together for almost 12 years.
*you'd know I am a Longhorn by marriage and a Bobcat by graduation.
*you'd know I am a skrimp compared to the rest of my family. They are TALL!
*you'd know I love photography and planning events.
*you'd know we own a business.
*you'd know I am changing myself for the better. :)

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Wittschen's said...

I'm so happy you are blogging again!!! I love these posts... think I'm going to have to copy you. I can totally relate to the opposite love language being touch. I struggle with that too!! And I think I remember us sharing the toe nail thing! Ha Mine are smaller than Dane's! Sad! :(