Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday.

I am wearing the beloved H&M Grandma sweater today that everyone and their Mom or Grandma owns. I want to rip it off because I am itchy, WTH. 
I am a gazillion days late for my period, but not pregnant. I am grateful I made my annual appt for next Tuesday because this girl needs some questions answered, STAT. 
I sold some purses to a lady at my office and immediately, actually before she even paid me, bought the gold watch I have been lusting over the past month. My beloved ToyWatch has to be put to rest as it broke and this is the perfect replacement. The bracelet that looks like wood is actually Barbadian coral that is hand crafted from a candle and coral. Loves it. I get asked so many times where someone can buy one? In Barbados is always my clever response.
E and I are supporting Girl Scouts around the globe with the purchase of cookies. Shortbread only have 120 calories for 4 cookies, ain't that bad? 
I am trying to read Hunger Games, but cannot seem to get into it. I hope the next few chapters will open my mind to finishing not just the first book, but the whole series.
Today was "wear your hair in a bun" day and my hair was frizzy, so I put lotion on my hands  then proceeded to run my fingers through my hair. Now my head looks a little shiny. FAIL.
Thank Heavens tomorrow is Friday!


Kristin said...

Keep reading Hunger Games!! It starts off slow but once it gets going you wont want to put it down!! =) So glad you're going to the doctor to see what's going on! I'll keep you in my prayers!!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

haha it took me a little bit to get into it but now i cant put them down! i'm on the second one now =) love it!