Monday, January 30, 2012

Damn, my butts gettin' big.

We had a lovely weekend that was filled with sunshine, food, friends, booze and an engagement. 
I swear I gained a hundred pounds this weekend. Problem. It started with a little something I made from Pinterest. I try to make a crock pot dish every week because it's easy and pretty much cheap. It was the Italian Chicken dish over pasta. DELISH!
I chose low fat ingredients: 1\3 the fat Phildelphia cream cheese and Healthy Select Cream of Chicken soup so at least it was semi-healthy. E loved it too and that is really hard to come by when it comes to crock pot meals. Is it bad that most things I pin are food items with recipes? Fat girl problems. 
On Friday, we went to a new local spot called Lucy's Fried Chicken. It didn't disappoint. There were six of us, so we split everything and headed to do some more drinking...what else would we do on a Friday?
Saturday was filled with a hangover, laying around, cleaning up the house and getting ready to become spies. 

We started with a cerveza rita...yummy! Don't you want to dunk your head in that glass? I do.
Once 6pm came around, we hauled bootay downtown because my brother in law was proposing on Congress. We wanted to see if we could catch a glimpse of the whole thing and perhaps get it on video. That didn't happen, but he did see E standing on the street corner after he had done the proposal. Awkward. We decided we wanted to crash their dinner congratulate them, so we headed over and bought some champagne for a toast. On our way, we stopped and were standing on the sidewalk when all of the sudden the parking meter began to spit out quarters! Say what? E immediately went into the market and bought a lotto ticket. 
Sunday was a day of rest, grocery shopping and working out. My butt is getting bigger and that shiz has to end right away. I absolutely could live in the sauna. Give me Enya on Pandora, a dim light, a towel...Relaxation!
It's a new week filled with doctor's appointments, organization and working out. 


Wittschen's said...

Will you send me the recipe for that pasta dish. Looks very yummy

Jodie said...

I made the Italian Chicken last week!! I really really liked it!! I'm not pasta fan, but it sure was good!!