Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A bone to pick.

On my NYC trip with my Mom, we did a lot of shopping. I mean, we hit up every single H&M store in NYC and almost every single boutique that had weird shit. I loved it and I had one motive: Buy a pair of Steve Madden tall boots that I have been swooning over the past 6 months. 
My mission was accomplished and my sweet Mom bought them for me.
Well, let me tell you- I am pissed. I wish I had a twitter account with 16M followers like the Bieber so I could bad mouth the boots and Steve Madden. I have had them since NOV, don't wear them every day and a piece fell off the heel yesterday. The rubber has holes in it. I contacted the store where they were purchased a whole two months ago and they directed me to SM directly; SM directed me to my local SM shop. I am not giving up! The boots weren't cheap, but obvs not really expensive, but they were over $100 and I will fight till I get a new pair. 
Off my rant.
Look- isn't that upsetting?

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