Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do you kiss good night?

On Saturday, I was sitting at one of my dear friend's houses waiting to see the finished nursery, chatting with the girls with no TV and at some points no noise. We sat and chatted about this person and that person, about babies, about the opinion of people that already have babies and lastly about men. We went on and on about marriage and how it's hard to date when single at the age of 32 (not moi, obvs) because men go for the younger crowds. I began to think how blessed I am for having found my love at such a young, resilient age. We have been together for 11 years and I am only 30 years old...that's a long time. I said to K & P, "E is my boy, my boo, my best friend. There is no one like him and I never want to be away from him." 
We are two very different people. Our love language is so very different. We learn about each other every single day. We cuddle every single Saturday and Sunday morning. We fall asleep on the couch together every single night. I tell him everything (so no one can really expect me to keep a secret) and he tells me everything. I shop for him. I make his lunch every morning and his breakfast most days. He makes my coffee every morning. We yell at each other and I say hateful things sometimes. He will run my bath water when I ask him. He gets so pissed at me for being on Facebook and Pinterest at night (what's a girl to do?). I have pet peeves about him and he has the same about me...chewing too loudly...that will get us both angry. We are partners in crime. We are travel buddies. The kid hasn't done laundry in 11 years, but I haven't cleaned out the garage in 6 years. He does the outdoor chores and I do the indoor chores, but we both like to make the yard pretty. He is my other half, my soul mate. 
We don't have a perfect marriage, far from it actually, but we kiss each other good night every night; I am reminded of his love for me before I dream.

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