Monday, December 5, 2011

Best gift ever

We went over to our dear friends' house on Saturday to watch the UT game which was disastrous, but we will not talk about that. Bad news bears; I am hoping RGIII wins the Heisman as that would make it all okay for losing to the bad azz on Saturday. 
Anyhow, prior to leaving E was determined to have a Frito pie. I made chili last week and we saved a bit, so he bought some Frito's and made this...
He couldn't eat it all, ha. He ate about half and then took a nap. It was a rainy, cold weekend here so it was totally allowed. :)
K decided that she couldn't wait to give me my Christmas gift and of course I obliged since I absolutely love gifts. She knows me so well: I love mason jars and I love wine. 
E made Sunday sauce last night, so I poured myself some Chianti. Stinkin' hilarious! 
Best. Gift. Ever.
I hate Mondays. I hate being at work. I hate that fact that I haven't bought a single Christmas gift. I hate the fact that my gray is so bad I have to wear my hair back all week. Sigh. Where is the bottle of wine and my mason jar?

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Jodie said...

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! I hate Monday's, too!!