Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We jet set to the Caribbean last Saturday elated to finally get away from reality! E has worked so hard the past year without any time off, so this trip was a must. We flew out of Austin which isn't typical for us because my parents watch Marley when we vacation, but this year was different. Let me just say...it will be really hard to not fly out of Austin for our long trips! We went to Barbados to celebrate the end of a great year, the holidays and of course my 30th birthday. We have been fortunate enough to visit almost all the islands and we decided Barbados is definitely our favorite. I would recommend this place times a trillion to anyone looking for a relaxing vacation. The island is beautiful, the water is remarkable, the people are fabulous, there is no trash on the ground, it's beyond safe, it's not ridiculously expensive and the list of positives could go on forever. (Let me know if you want a cheaper than normal trip...I can hook you up.)
I am a Christmas fanatic and I cannot tell you how excited I was that the hotel had a real tree in their lobby! Of course, since I have the best husband in the world...he brought a tiny fake tree with ornaments and Christmas lights. He surprised me and had it all set up while I was laying on the beach getting tan. :) I seriously almost cried.
So instead of blabbing...
 Our baby Christmas tree.
 Our spectacular view from our balcony.
 We sat on the beach every night staring into the sunset. Most relaxing special moments ever.
 My three loves: E, the ocean and a Caribbean sunset.

 A little too much rum. We drank 5 bottles the whole trip, oops.
 Sandy Lane Christmas tree. This is the hotel Tiger Woods wed. AMAZING place!
 E's caddy for the day, Roger. 
 Pictures and words really cannot do it justice.
 BEST. PICTURE. EVER. E put up lights on our balcony. So sweet!
 Catamaran cruise.
 Our new friends.
 Special moments.
 Perfect weather the whole trip.
 It's the little things that make me smile like a birthday card from the hotel.
The view from the hotel lobby. Sail boat sailing past just in time. :)

I am so very grateful for my E, for this year and for the blessings in my live. 
Happy Holidays!


Leslie said...

AHHHH...BEAUTIFUL!!! Love all of your pictures! I will have to add Barbados to my travel bucket list :)

Michelle P said...

So pretty!

Jodie said...

I'm loving all the pictures!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!