Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The day has come.

The day has come to the Jensen household...
Our counter tops are going in tomorrow. Let me tell you-I am ELATED! No more nastiness and ugliness is going to be in our kitchen.
We...I mean E, has been working so hard on this project for literally five years. Of course, we didn't have funds to re-do our kitchen right when we bought our house, so it's taken some time. 
Here are some pictures that show the kitchen in progress:

This is a picture of the new bar top. It's limestone\sandstone. Loves.
  Disgusting sink, brown counter tops and brown back splash.
 We used to have bright pink tile, but recently replaced with Travertine.
 Counter tops are gone! E re-did these faces of our cabinets ages ago. Loves.
This is our dining room with all of our kitchen stuff. Cannot wait to organize!
I am actually really bummed that we don't have the original pictures of this kitchen. We, I mean E, has done so much work:
-Took down popcorn ceiling
-Took down wall paper
-Retecturized the walls
-Painted said walls
-Redid face of cabinets
-Stained said cabinets
-New dishwasher
-New Fridge
-New cooktop
-Ripped out all the bright pink tile
-Installed Travertine
-Ripped out counter tops
-New under mount sink
-New faucet
-New baseboards
-New pantry with new paint
-New backsplash
-New counter tops
(BTW, E did most of this...yea, Amazing. If you need handy work done or are thinking about remodeling, he has a business...just sayin'!)
I think that about covers it. 
February 1st will be our 5 year Home Anniversary! What a perfect way to celebrate...with a new kitchen. :)
I will make sure to update with pictures showing the end product...(I could kick myself for not telling my mom yes when asked if I wanted a new kitchen table, damn.)

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Kristin said...

That is so exciting! Congrats on the new kitchen, I can't wait to see the final pictures!! =)