Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Thursday.

Don't know about y'all, but boy am I ready for the weekend! I am totally PMSing right now because I am grumpalicious, tired and have zits all over my red-puffy face. Oh joy. 
Thank you for your sweet, uplifting and knowledgeable comments on babies and making babies. I received a couple Facebook messages that totally made me smile on top of smiling from your comments. I am going to stay positive, stay strong, pray a lot and not stress! I don't want my marriage to have a downward spiral because of conception. There ya have it. 
We are so very close to finishing the kitchen! We wanted to have it complete last weekend, however, the cuts were extremely tough for the backsplash. And, we ran out of backsplash tile. I went on a hunt to find it, but unfortunately it's a special order piece. E used to build houses, so he is using his resources to find it. H.E.L.L.O. We have to be done by Sunday. My parents are coming into town the following weekend to see the finished product! I cannot wait for them to see it because I am pretty sure they are going to shit their pants. Oh well. It will be worth it. ;) We still have to:
-Add backsplash to two small walls
-Grout all walls
-Seal all walls
-Touch up paint
-Fix garbage disposal that I "somehow" if it was my fault that I turned the switch and nothing was being shredded. Hmph.
I can't believe it. Blessed. Grateful. Ready to take down the hall bath.
Is it bad that I said this morning, "There is no way we are eating Mexican for dinner...we have food to cook," and now I am dying for a Corona and chips with salsa. Shoot me and those 10 pounds I want to lose.

happy thursday! 

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