Friday, October 3, 2008

Make-up Madness

My entire life I have always been a "make-up jumper" meaning I jump from one make-up line to another because I am never 100% satisfied (I think this may have to do with the fact that my beautiful mother LOVES make-up.) Or because I have roseacea. The Roseacea causes my face to always be red...I get the comments of "Man, you got a lot of sun this weekend," um actually nope, my face is ALWAYS red, but thanks for noticing. I have been doing some research on products that help with the redness and found quite a few items that help. I wanted a one-stop shop, so I visited the new Ulta by our house, which has all the high dollar lines now and of course cheap lines too. I was there for almost an hour and a half searching and searching and finally made my decision. I bought Eucerin's Red Face moisturizer, which is GREEN...yea, I know quite odd. The green actually neautralizes the red tones, so my skin looks's incredible. Since I have to use Sensitive Skin make-up as well, I went with Lorac wet\dry powder. It doesn't contain parabens and the other bad stuff that other products contain in all their make-up. I love them's only been 2 days and I can see the difference; I can only imagine how WHITE my face will be in a month. Good bye Clinque!

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Wittschen's said...

I have a friend that has roseacea and uses that makeup too!! It works great on her as well. you should do a before and after pic of yourself on here, although I never remember noticing that you had rosy cheeks! At least you aren't pale pale pale like me.