Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maine's Beauty

Eric's parents live in Denmark, Maine 6 months out of the year (I know...must be rough.) They live there from June to November and return to Texas for the winters. We hadn't seen them since May, so us and the brother-in-law made a trip this past week. I was AMAZED! #1~ I was amazed because of how much work they had done on their house, #2~The milk farm closed early, #3~The maginificent leaves on the trees! Living in Texas my whole life, I never have been surrounded by FALL leaves. The leaves here change from green to in between BUT in the Northeast the leaves look like fire. The red, yellow, orange colors are picturesque. I couldn't stop taking pictures. I loved it!
We ate lobster ($4.89 a pound might a add, so cheap.), ate junk food, wore scarfs & hoodies, took romantic walks along the dam, fished, drank, read, visited a pumpkin patch, shopped, long drives on roads that lead to no where, acted like 4 year olds and rode a swing, chased dogs, played scrabble, watched UT whoop OU, watched the Red Sox lose (Mainards LOVE the Sox) and thoroughly enjoyed eachother's company....I am so grateful they live there during the will be in the family forever and a great place for many more to enjoy!

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Kristin said...

How pretty! Sounds like so much fun!