Monday, October 20, 2008

Size denial.

You would think I am talking about clothes, right?!? Well, I am talking about shoe size denial. I have gotten past the fact that I can no longer wear a size 8 in clothes, BUT I never thought I would need a size 8 OR BIGGER in shoes. A few months ago, I was having some health issues and needed to get my crap together, therefore, I have been exercising 6 days a week including swimming, weights, and other cardio. It was time for new sneaks since I hadn't bought a new pair of "exercise" shoes in about 3 years. I did some research on the best running shoes for my feet and came to the conclusion that Asics would be the chosen ones. I went to Academy bought my 7 1\2's in the Asic Nimbus and went to the gym...the visit was VERY VERY short lived because I couldn't move my feet...they were numb, throbbing, red, and swollen. They down right hurt like hell. I couldn't figure it out, so I went to Run Tex (An Austin Weird store that studies your feet) to get their advice (only advice because their shoes are about $30 more than Academy). And the denial began...The salesperson told me the shoes I have been wearing are the wrong size. Drum roll....I needed a 9 or 9 1\2. I was flabbergasted at this claim. I DIDN'T NEED that big of a size in shoes. I have worn 7 1\2 my whole entire life. I know, I know you need a bigger size in athletic shoes, but 2 sizes bigger...I don't think so. I left there a little baffled, went to Academy and compromised on my shoe size: an 8 1\2. I am going to the gym tonight, so we will see if Mr. Salesman at the Keep Austin Weird store was actually correct.


Cara said...

Two whole sizes?! No way! I think it's a Run Tex conspiracy. They want you to buy a pair of their super expensive shoes in the wrong size, so that you have to go buy another really expensive pair in the correct size. Yep! That's it! :)

la_lisa said...

Yah, RunTex is weird like that. Stephanie buys her shoes there, and they make her get a much bigger size, too.