Monday, October 27, 2008

Bad Sunday.

This is a sad, sad story, but I have to tell it one...because I am proud of myself, two...because I cannot believe people are so cruel.
It started with going to get a pedicure and relaxing Sunday late morning. After the pedi, I had scheduled to take some shoes back to Academy, then go to the grocery store....instead....I was stuck in traffic..................a dog had been hit by a car. I pulled up and my eyes filled with water because the poor doggie was covered in blood and just laying there. The man that hit him was standing over him, there were about 4 other people along with a police officer. I kept saying to the people this doesn't look good and someone needs to take this dog to an emergency clinic. Well, no one responded. The police officer stated, "I am trained to NOT transport animals. I will call animal control. It will take approx 2-3 hours for them to get here." 2-3 HOURS ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME...this dog didn't have that long to live. I looked at the man that hit the dog and he stated, "I am not taking the dog anywhere." I looked at the others and they stated "We are on our way to Indiana." I said, "Great, I will take the dog." I added a few horrible, mean, cruel words to the man that hit him, but I would rather not post about that on here. We put the dog who might I add was bloody, had pooped on himself because of a high temprature into the back seat of my car. I rushed him to the Vet hospital, so he could receive the care he needed ASAP. The owners of the Vet hospital were so grateful for what I did because they said most people just don't care. Which leads me to my next point...who on this Earth would be so inhumane and leave a living species there to die.? It pains me so much to think people are so careless, have so much hate, and no care in the world. No wonder our society is where it is today...some people just need to crawl in a hole and never come out again. As for the doggie, I released him to the Vet clinic. They are going to take care of him with the care and love he deserves. I am now working on getting him a new home by contacting rescue groups. If you know anyone or would like a new dog, let me know. He is a precious angel that deserves another chance at life!

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la_lisa said...

Way to go, Julez! You did a wonderful thing by saving that poor doggie's life. You are a role models to others.