Monday, January 4, 2010


It's 2010, a new decade...where has the time gone? I am not sure, but I am not going to question it.
In 2009 I will remember...
i received a promotion at my j-o-b which in turn has been a perfect fit for me
i jumped back into the pool and began swimming again
i continued going to my beloved gym throughout 09
i lost 35 pounds
i haven't gained a pound back
we went to another island for vacation
i switched my beer of choice to Bud Light cause my brother swears it doesn't give as bad a hangover
i learned to love steak and all things red meat
i have officially become a Starbuck's coffee junkie (at least I make it at home)
i have become better friends with a few gals and have lost a few at the same time
i pulled out of my first wedding and it will be my last
i never paid the mortgage late
i have become a fabulous cook and baker
i have learned that shopping IS my thing
i have become a better wife
i have bought multiple quilts through 2010 and finally found one i love
i bought a bigger tv for my husband cause it was my fault we bought a small one first

In 2010...
i will be a better wife
i will be a better friend
i will be a better daughter
i will be a better sister
i have to NOT make shopping my thing
i will have to learn to live on a tight budget
i will have to compromise and make sacrifices to make my marriage work around opening a new business
i will not nag at E near as much
i will swim often
i will visit the gym often
i will maintain or lose more weight
i will be the biggest and proudest supporter of Rita's
i will get a tan
i will get a cheaper car
i will organize every nook-and-cranny in our house
i will paint the guest bathroom
i will paint the master bathroom
i will get tile in the kitchen
i will hang curtains in our formal dining room
i will learn how to weed-eat
i will take walks with Marley
i will work out at 530am rather than 530pm
i will visit my parents more often
i will blog more
i will photograph more
i will frame my photographs I love
lastly, i will love new journeys, new challenges, my husband and myself ALL THROUGH 2010!


Wittschen's said...

wow girl you are going to be BUSY!! lol but I love that you wrote all that!! Because a ton of those I thought oohh I need to do that too!! :)

Kristin said...

Congrats on loosing so much weight and the new family biz!!! Good luck with everything this year!! =)