Friday, January 22, 2010

One step at a time.

All is well in the ATX -minus- the crazy Cedar Fever...the allergies here are just 100% annoying & terrible; I wish I could cut down every single Cedar tree within 250 miles!
Some fun stuff has happened in the past few weeks:
~My company chose our new facility...dum, dum,'s now going to be about 9 miles from my house vice the 20 miles it is now, can I get an AMEN! There will be no traffic jams in the morning or the evening. Since I am the Facility Manager, I will be on call 100% of the time when we move in, so it's great I will be a short distance from the building...ya know, if a non catastrophic event occurs like a fire or something.
~Eric went to Rita's University for a week long training in Pennsylvania. He LOVED IT, which solidifies the decision we made for him to leave his building career. He learned a lot, ate a lot, drove a lot, met a lot, walked a lot, talked a lot and drank a lot of his uncle's scotch.
~Lastly AND THE MOST FUN & IMPORTANT, the buildout plan for Rita's was approved by the City of ATX. Originally, they nixed the plan because the occupancy level was too high which made more bathrooms necessary, pfft on you COA. However, reworking the plan the occupancy level was dropped and it was approved! Bids will be going out to contractors beginning next week...bids will come back in 2 weeks...and the buildout should begin by the 2nd week of FEB! Looks like it is on schedule to open around March 20. :)

PS. Eric's Jeep now has Rita's's quite comical, but a really good marketing idea! At least he isn't going to paint his Jeep like a Rita's store (eh-hem, like the Shipley's guy who painted his Hummer like a doughnut!).


Kristin said...

How exciting!!! Sounds like it's all moving along great!! Good luck!!!

Melissa said...

loving the progression and am so stoked for yall!